Social Media Management for

Celebrities & Famous People

CoderCV team is Leader in delivering highly optimized Audience engagement social media posts for maximum exposure and social growth. Our social strategy has helped celebrities & famous people to achieve maximum connections & growth.

Social Media Manager for Celebrities

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Profile or Business or Events?

Our campaign designs, strategy and advertisements are high yielding with the highest engagement for your any specific events or business or to your Profile. Driving maximum followers to your Profile or to any specific events to influence the followers around you!

From profile inception to full-service management and network expansion, we have a social media plan to meet your needs and budget. We also help maximise your alternative earnings and increase brand value of your profile on various social media channels.

Social Media Manager for Celebrities

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Social Brand Design & Strategy

Working hand-in-hand with your social campaign’s to craft social media strategies consistent with your messaging, platform and objectives.

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Shaping the conversation, staying on message, and conveying your talking points in a controlled, dynamic, and interactive medium.

Seamlessly integrating social media into your existing marketing and public relations platforms. Sharing content and phrasing with your marketing team to ensure brand consistency.

Social Audience Analytics

A rogue Tweet may be a PR nightmare, a social presence that lacks substance can be deadly.

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While a rogue Tweet may be a PR nightmare, a social presence that lacks personality and substance can be a campaign deal-breaker.

Our strategy accounts for all reputation damaging instances and we thoroughly patrol them to make sure we’re solidly ready to handle potential errors, trolls, past oops or haters.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine are extremely crucial for celebrities ranking of brand value and exposure.

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Your presence in search engine with more increase in search for various keywords are very crucial for more critical exposure and increase in brand value.

Social Copywriting & Strategy

According to study, 88% of followers say celebrity have a social responsibility to influence and change the society around them for good.

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Treating your campaign like a brand platform – by closely monitoring your messaging, which means candidates can avoid Tweeting “oops,” moment in the future and can actively combat the various organizations that exist to dig up dirt from candidates’ pasts.

Mobile & Website Development

Website and Mobile development are so crucial to increase and improve your presence.

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Website and Mobile Development can help you build your own controllable social community to remain connected with fans beyond the social media limitation boundary.

Auto Personal Greeting & Messaging

Using social media & messaging to propel personal auto messaging & Greeting to the forefront.

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Our automated tools has variety of algorithm to socially, personally greet, when and where available.

 Our Automated tools increases the love and trust level  towards your political party and political agenda. It will help you and your follower to remain in loop for all future events as well as online live conference and meetings.

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