Social Media Manager for Politicians

Social Media Management for

Political Parties Campaigns

CoderCV team is Leader in delivering highly optimized Audience engagement social media posts for maximum exposure and political growth. Our political strategy has helped politicians to achieve maximum connections and reach among local audience.

Drive maximum Followers to your Political Party or Political agenda

Our campaign designs, strategy and advertisements are high yielding with the highest engagement for your any specific political agenda. Driving maximum followers to your political party or to any specific political agenda to influence the followers around you!

Strategic, Professional social media management services keep your political campaign focused on message, and engages with your constituency. Certain things, that happens during our service delivery are: “maximum visibility, increase name recognition, promote campaign messaging & getting the better votes”.

Social Media Manager for Politicians

Improve your Candidate Chance to Victory with more social recognition

Social Brand Design & Strategy

Working hand-in-hand with your political campaign’s leadership team to craft social media strategies consistent with your messaging, platform, and objectives.

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Shaping the conversation, staying on message, and conveying your talking points in a controlled, dynamic, and interactive medium.

Seamlessly integrating social media into your existing marketing and public relations platforms. Sharing content and phrasing with your marketing team to ensure brand consistency.

Crafting high-impact, engaging posts in your voice. Increasing your visibility by broadcasting your ideas via Twitter and Facebook. Tapping into the massive power and reach of social media to reinforce your vision.

Social Media Trend & Mentions

Patrolling social media for hashtags, mentions of you and your political campaign.

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We closely monitor each and every hashtags or mentions related to your for immediate retreat and heavy response. We also on particual interval create trending hashtags for increaseing brand growth or increase in engagement of politicial agenda.

Constant partolling of hashtags, mention helps us combat against all dirty politicials mess or trolls with befitting reply.

Identifying potentially damaging messaging across social media. Working in concert with your strategists to craft appropriate, high-impact responses.


Reputation & Relation Management

A rogue Tweet may be a PR nightmare, a social presence that lacks substance can be deadly.

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While a rogue Tweet may be a PR nightmare, a social presence that lacks personality and substance can be a campaign deal-breaker.

Develop and implement a fully baked plan that outlines goals, social strategy and tactics before launching. Having a firm strategy in place will help mitigate errors and empower campaign team members to make decisions knowing that they’re staying on-message no matter how fast they’re moving on social.

Our strategy accounts for all reputation damaging instances and we thoroughly patrol them to make sure we’re solidly ready to handle potential errors, trolls, past oops or haters.

Social Copywriting & Strategy

According to study, 79% of consumers say politicians have a responsibility to be transparent when posting on social media and it increases their trust level among people.

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 – 9% of People believe Politicians have a responsibility to be transparent and correct when postingon social media. Increase in transparency by Politicians on Social media improves their trust towards them.

Treating your campaign like a brand platform – by closely monitoring your messaging, which means candidates can avoid Tweeting “oops,” moment in the future and can actively combat the various organizations that exist to dig up dirt from candidates’ pasts.

Social Workshops & Training

We also highly recommend to share us content of offline Political rally or campaign messages.

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Synchronising your offline Political rally or Campaign message can help your audiene easily relate and have better engagement with your political agenda.

Our Political agenda’s are highly important to influence the audience and bind them in political belief with proper timing.

Once Binding audience with political agenda and belief has started to penetrate inside their living habbits or their own belief system, we start creating hypnothetical situation to convert them in die hard followers.

Auto Personal Greeting & Messaging

Using social media & messaging to propel personal auto messaging & Greeting to the forefront.

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Our automated tools has variety of algorithm to socially, personally greet, when and where available.

Our Automated tools increases the love and trust level  towards your political party and political agenda. It will help you and your follower to remain in loop for all future events as well as online live conference and meetings.

 A political candidate’s audience is made up of everyone: young voters, middle-aged voters, men, women, senior citizens, informed and educated individuals and activists. Personal messaging by our tools brings a huge difference in candidate’s exposure and better impressions among them.


Social Media Manager for Politicians

Optimizing your Social Media Marketing for Higher Conversions! is Facebook Ads Agency that specializes in growing businesses. Our clients have seen massive leaps in their sales volume while decreasing their cost per sale from pay-per-click. By fully managing and optimizing your Facebook account on an ongoing basis we’ll unlock the unlimited potential of paid advertising.

Driven Over 983,287 Leads for Clients through Digital Marketing

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Social Media Manager for Politicians

Get The Best Results with your Facebook Ad Spend!

Facebook has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms on the planet.

Due to size, data, creativity, and scalability there has never been quite a time like it when you can place adverts in front of the most relevant audiences.

We spend every day working on Facebook advertising campaigns for our clients:

Monitoring, optimizing, tweaking, increasing performance, split testing creative and anything we need to do to hit our performance goals.

When required, we also create a custom video for your products and brands by hiring professional actors and actress.

Your Dream is our Goal!

Detailed Facebook Ads  Reporting on Weekly Call

Our team member will be doing 30 min. to 60 min. weekly call to you with detailed facebook ads overview on various ads targetted via your facebook ads manager.

Reporting will include the following details:

1. Amount Spent on various Ads.

2. Conversion Rate i.e, cost per conversion.

3. Customer reactions on targetted Facebook ads.


Social Media Manager for Politicians

Our Plans

* All plans are monthly with 30 minutes to 60 minutes weekly call with detail facebook ads report from our team.

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